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Where You Can Go to Meet New Friends Online

Let’s face it; almost everything is done online today. You can pay your house payment online, schedule an appointment with your doctor online, view your child’s grades in school online and so much more. It stands to reason that you can meet new friends online as well.

When you want to quickly meet new friends online, it’s as simple as getting online and finding one of the many sites, e.g. free online dating, 100% free online dating, free online dating chat, paid online dating or social site like, www., or

Once you are ready to easily meet new friends online, you can view other members personal information, such as their location if listed and their interests. You can look for people who are wanting the same thing in their search to meet new friends online. When you know what other people are looking for when they want to meet new friends online, then you don’t have to weed through any irrelevant information and you run a lesser risk of meeting someone who has nothing in common with you.

If you want to find the best place to simply meet new friends online, go to Palabar helps people meet new friends online. You will be able to find a person or a band who share so many of your interests. With Palabar, you will be able to meet new friends online in a snap.


According to Market Watch, Bebo founder Michael Birch has joined a group of private investors to invest into Michael Birch seems to act now as a business angel, after he has sold his company Bebo to AOL for a massive $850m.


I’m one of the guys who works on Palabar, and I’ve managed to make the first post here.

We’ve started a blog as companion to the service, in order to start conversations with you about how we can make it better, faster, stronger, shinier.

Palabar is a completely new service. Palabar is the first online bar with real bands!

Artists can add songs, tour dates and photos to their page, and each band member can set up a separate personal profile. As a user, you can “Become a Fan”. If you are a band who want to promote himself don’t miss the start of Palabar bands!

Users can meet each other in the first online bar and serve drinks to each other. We believe the time has come to serve drinks not only in real bars but also in the online world. It’s just a lot of fun to serve each other drinks, as many as you like.

If you still like to go out in the real world than meeting other users in the online bar, we’ve published an online calendar of real bars and parties so you have got the perfect combination of online and offline experience.

Don’t forget to bookmark for being ready at the launch date.

Stay tuned!